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Reviews Review: Nike Free 5.0 run shoes

Review: Nike Free 5.0 run shoes

Higher mark for wider-feet runners, but too complicated

Nike Free 5.0 running shoes

Would you believe it’s 10 years since Nike launched its Free range of shoes, designed to strengthen feet by providing a greater range of movement?

The latest version continues that flexible thread with the upper and soles, in particular, providing a path of least resistance. That upper’s predominantly a lightweight mesh with Nike’s Flywire system clamping the foot in place.

We can see their thinking but it’s solving a slippage problem that a well-designed shoe just won’t have. The new hexagonal sole is designed to elicit even greater range of motion and it’s certainly pliable. Again, though, there’s an argument it’s over-engineered.

That can’t be labelled at comfort, which is spot on – even if the tongue is a flimsy affair. At various speeds it performs proficiently enough but, as is the way with many of Nike’s shoes, the toebox is particularly roomy, diluting the feel between your foot and the ground.

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