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Reviews Puma Velosis

Puma Velosis

Triathletes who have run in Puma shoes in the last half a decade will know that they tend to provide a hard ride. There are fans of this style, but our testing team know that such a ride is, more often than not, unpopular. It appears Puma has concluded exactly that with this shoe.

The Velosis is soft, but not unduly so, with the cushioning nigh on perfect. Forefoot, underfoot and rear cushioning is all much more forgiving than usual, and the wide toe box and flexibility, combined with an acceptable weight, makes these a shoe you’ll be happy running on the road with. The only minor ‘fit’ niggle was that the in-sole slipped mid run.

They’re designed for neutral runners, although mild pronators would be just as happy in them for pacy efforts in the winter, given the comfort and support provided.

Contact : Puma 01924 425555 www.shop.puma.co.uk

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