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Reviews On Cloudcruiser running shoes review

On Cloudcruiser running shoes review

Mile munchers with a clever design, but not without some minor irritations

On Cloudcruiser running shoes review

The Cloudcruisers (342g) resemble off-roaders, with a solid entry point creeping up high to the ankle that softens after a couple of runs.

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On’s patented CloudTec system features 15 pods, designed to absorb contact and return with interest.

Like past models, out of the box it’s a harsh landing but that eases over time for a comfortable toe-off. The Cruisers are designed to rack up the miles so we appreciate the multi-layered mesh upper.

When the rains poured during our test period, though, the same can’t be said of the pods, which squeaked to the tune of every stride. This lessened with each run but remained audible.

We’re also uninspired by the grey colourway. As summer disappears, a hint of brightness over impending gloom is what we’re after.

Verdict: A few minor irritations lose marks for a potentially very fine shoe, 81%

Contact : www.on-running.com

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