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Review: Garmin Forerunner 620

Brilliant, albeit daunting, GPS, but loses marks for triathlete use

Garmin Forerunner 610 running watch

Listing all the features packed into Garmin’s latest Forerunner could take hours, so we’ll focus on its evolution from the 610.

Clearly it’s been on a diet coming in 30g lighter (at 44g), despite the ability to Bluetooth workouts to your iPhone (4S or later; no Android) for further analysis. You can also tweet, Facebook and ‘Live Track’ your runs, which, despite bordering on narcissism, is a useful safety feature.

A myriad of new metrics will satisfy the technophiles: vertical oscillation, ground contact time, recovery time, VO2max predictor… An accelerometer within the chest pod gives you a wealth of data, but while the data feedback’s impressive, it can be overwhelming.

More useful is the improved heart-rate connectivity and the touchscreen working seamlessly with gloves. It’s easy to use but, without cycling and swim feedback and for that price, we’d still go for the 910XT.

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