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Reviews Review: Polaris Bamboo TEC base layer

Polaris Bamboo TEC base layer

A good top with antibacterial credentials at an affordable price

As the name proclaims, this long-sleeve base layer is made from bamboo. Bamboo Charcoal fibres, to be precise (as well as 50% polyester), which come with a host of performance-enhancing claims.

The first of those is breathability, which we can only applaud. Its tight-fitting run-top style keeps your torso warm but not at the expense of humidity, which is low, thanks to slightly thinner panelling under the arms and on the sleeves.

Up next are the antibacterial qualities. Yes, we still smelt but any living matter within a 5m radius didn’t faint. And the final bamboo sell? It releases infrared rays to improve blood circulation.

There’s much research behind increased bloodflow through infrared means, but we’d question its ergogenic effect at the levels radiated from a base layer. Apart from that, though, a solid enough base layer at a good price.

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