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Adidas SMT jacket

Protects you from the elements – without you noticing

Adidas SMT jacket

Ever wanted to mimic the Beastie Boys on your winter runs? Now you can… The luminescent backdrop is overlaid with a reflective grid pattern for maximum visibility through the dark winter months.

Clearly, hi-vis is divisive but you can’t argue with its safety intentions. And you certainly can’t debate the quality of the fit, which is magnificent. That’s down to Adidas’ trademark Formotion technology.

The marketing says this is ‘pre-shaped 3D silhouettes’. Now, we’re not sure what this jargon means, but our Adidas Formotion-constructed shorts certainly offer greater freedom of movement.

Which is also true of the SMT jacket. Unlike many run jackets that crinkle with every stride, the SMT is near imperceptible. It stands up to a shower, too, though is designed for wind rather than rain, and it’s more breathable than you’d expect.

Cuffed sleeves are a nice touch, adding luxury to a practical garment, while the pocket on the chest will neatly hold a cash card. Great stuff.

Contact : www.adidas.co.uk

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