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Reviews Nathan Sonicmount Armband review

Nathan Sonicmount Armband review

A decent alternative way to take your phone with you when running, but it’s quite pricey

Nathan Sonicmount Armband review

The benefits of listening to music while running are scientifically proven, yet the method of doing so is less clear-cut, with fabric sleeves, cheap plastic cases or, erm, hands the preferred methods of phone-carrying.

The Nathan SonicMount offers, as an alternative, a centre-stretch grip that aims to hold the phone in place on your arm.

And, despite our initial fears, hold it in place the SonicMount did over some lengthy and lung-busting efforts complete with flailing arms.

The benefits include easily being able to skip songs if Leonard Cohen pops when you’re in need of some motivation, with the lightweight 57g grip being detachable if you really must talk on the trails.

On the downside, the price takes it above some top-rated sleeves from the likes of Belkin and Nike, and an issue for us was how visible and vulnerable our iPhone felt in some of Bristol’s shadier areas and alone on the trails at dusk.

Verdict: Takes some getting used to, but a decent if expensive option, 74%

Contact : www.nathansports.com

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