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Reviews ZipVit ZV 10 Energy Chews

ZipVit ZV 10 Energy Chews

The Zipvit ZV 10 is a nice and simple chew; they’re easy to digest and have a satisfying flavour and texture.

Containing simple carbohydrate (CHO) and salt, the whole pack contains a slightly higher level of energy (153.9 kcal) than you’d usually get from your average sports drink.

So when mixed with 500ml of water you’re looking at a CHO concentration of 8% rather than the typical 6% (which can aid the speed of intake). In light of this, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may need to take on a bit more fluid than normal in order to dilute matters and offset any gastro-intestinal discomfort.

The added bonus of these chews is the good serving of sodium (1,000mg) – atypical to your general isotonic drinks – which is useful for electrolyte replenishment after sweating. Finally, there’s typically just over a third of your RDA of a few vitamins, which may be useful as antioxidants in recovery.

Contact : www.zipvit.com

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