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Reviews SiS Burner Gel (60ml)

SiS Burner Gel (60ml)

This is a novel approach to fuelling where the addition of 1g of L-Carnitine to 19g of carbohydrate is purported to encourage fat metabolism as an energy store to spare muscle glycogen.

L-Carnitine has been linked to this but there’s limited evidence for sports performance enhancement in the literature. We certainly didn’t notice any tangible changes during the testing period but, compared to many other gels, the viscosity made for easy intake without relying on huge gulps of water to force it down.

The taste is fairly synthetic but a zingy citrus kick is more pleasant than most. We remain sceptical, and given that this compound naturally occurs in red meat and dairy, we’ll stick to carbs with a smattering of caffeine where the effects are more perceptible. Also, £2 for a gel is a hefty whack on your wallet.

Contact : www.scienceinsport.com

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