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Reviews Review: OTE Duo Bar energy bar

Review: OTE Duo Bar energy bar

Excellent formulation, great taste and texture, and good value too

OTE Duo Bar

Delivering 40g of carbohydrate per bar, the Duo Bar from new Brit brand OTE actually contains two separate bars and is designed for use before, during or after training, where the 10g of protein is most useful for recovery.

The low fat content (at just 4g per bar) ensures rapid digestion, while a generous sprinkling of vitamins and minerals further enhances its nutritional quality.

OTE’s Duo Bar also proved a big hit with our panel for another reason: a moist texture with some added crunchiness was complemented by a very natural chocolatey taste that had just the right amount of sweetness.

Unlike plenty of energy bars out there, the test was light and texture far from dense. And while its not the cheapest energy bar out there, the generous serving size means that it’s not overly expensive either.

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