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Maxim Energy Bar

Packed mainly with rice crisps and oat flakes, the Maxim bar has a crispy, moist texture. Simple sugars in the form of glucose syrup and dextrose provide additional carbs, while use of vegetable fat raises calorie intake slightly and probably makes for an easier-to-chew bar. The bars are still low fat but added fat and refined sugars may put off some athletes looking for more unrefined sources.

The sampled bar was strawberry, which, like the caramel and apple/cinnamon, is uncoated and considerably lower in fat. Other varieties include yoghurt-coated banana or mango/raspberry. Banana, caramel, vanilla and cappuccino are also available in a chocolate coating. The coated varieties are not ideal in hot weather, though, and require plenty of water to be fully digested. Keep those for treats and at café stops.

Contact : Fisher Outdoor 01727 798 359 www.maxim.nl

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