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Sci-MX Rapid Recovery Complex

The first thing you notice when you open this big tub is that it’s rather empty! Much like a packet of crisps, you’ll be disappointed with the amount of goodies inside. The product, once mixed, is also then extremely frothy with a 50/50 split of drink and froth.

These problems aside, there’s a good level of carbohydrate (71g) at a relatively high concentration (18%), mixed with 20g of protein and a decent helping of potassium (760mg) and magnesium (465mg). But what’s quite strange is the lack of critical sodium, so make sure you get this from somewhere else. As a little added extra it also contains 161% RDA of vitamin C to help keep you on form.

It’s one of the sweeter drinks on test, but not overly so, with a pleasant and easy-to-drink orange flavour.

Contact : Sci-MX 0845 603 5018 www.sci-mx.co.uk

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