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OTE Super Greens supplement review

Can this ‘superfood drink’ deliver on its heady claims? We find out…

OTE Super Greens supplement review

Eating five portions of fruit and veg every day can be difficult, especially when you’re consuming lots of bulky, carbohydrate-rich foods to fuel training.

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Enter OTE’s Super Greens, a highly concentrated blend of powdered vegetables, which are particularly rich in chlorophyll (the green pigmentation present in many vegetables), natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

OTE claim that each 12g scoop provides the same nutritional benefits of five portions of fruit and vegetables.

OTE also say that the high levels of chlorophyll in Super Greens can help to alkalise and detox the digestive system, improving gut health and boosting immunity, energy levels and recovery.

Mixing as recommended with water or fruit juice (which we preferred) resulted in an extremely dark green drink with a slightly ‘grassy’ taste, but it was pleasant overall. At 83p per serving, the price is reasonable too.

Verdict: Affordable and decent-tasting superfood drink, 86%

Contact : www.otesports.co.uk

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