Beet It Nitrate 3000 supplement

Beet It Sport believe their new beetroot super concentrate will boast users performance


Beet It Sport are hoping they’ve captured lightning in a bottle with their new concentrated beetroot juice, Nitrate 3000.


The drink has been released following new scientific research from the University of Kansas found health and fitness benefits in beetroot juice.

It’s been designed to enable both professionals and amateurs to experiment with their own nitrate levels and get the most out of their sporting performance. The drink is claimed to be the largest source of dietary nitrate in one source available on the market.

Beet It say that mixing 35ml of Nitrate 3000 with 200ml of water will provide more than 400mg of natural dietary nitrate.

For those of you who are bored with water you’d be pleased to know that Beet it also claims that the product can even be added to porridge, a smoothie or even a cooked meal.

To make pouring measurements simpler, the packaging comes with a clear measurement system on the side.

Price: £5.99 from


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