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Reviews Review: XLAB Torpedo 400 hydration system

XLAB Torpedo 400

Pricey hydration system, but well worth the spend

XLAB Torpedo

XLAB have chucked the R&D kitchen sink at this hydration system with aerospace engineering input, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis and velodrome testing with Craig Alexander, the latter revealing it to be aerodynamically invisible indoors.

Fitting is simple and the Velcro straps are adaptable to a spectrum of bar widths. With a carbon base plate and cage, the whole system (with bottle and computer mount) weighs in at 245g. The amount of adjustability is impressive while the straw-holder means there’s no tube in your field of vision.

On rough roads there’s no hint of the bottle trying to escape; the refill port only suffers from minimal splash if you hit a big bump. The bite valve delivers a good gulp, while the computer mount puts your numbers where you need them.

Refuelling is key, especially for long-course racing, and this is the most elegant and functional integrated system we’ve encountered.

Contact : www.multisportdistribution.co.uk

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