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Reviews Topeak Pocket Rocket

Topeak Pocket Rocket

This is a true miniature model of the full-sized Road Master Blaster frame-fit pump, right down to the little tube notches at either end. It’s certainly a cute idea, and at just over 100g and 22.5cm it should stow away unobtrusively.

The low-profile bottle cage clip is secure, with a rubber pullover strap for security and a far speedier release than Velcro strapping. The stroke is clunky but the handle’s comfortable, as long as you avoid the end scoops. It tops out at 100psi after 240 strokes, which didn’t tax my arms too much. You could probably get there in less if you slow down a bit, as agitated pumping tended to burp air out of the head.

Unlike most mini-pumps, it’s probably capable of hitting the claimed 160psi without hiring a gorilla. And, at only £12.99, you should have plenty of change left over for the zoo. A 76g Micro Rocket version is also available for £19.99.

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