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Reviews Review: Lezyne Steel Digital Drive bike pump

Review: Lezyne Steel Digital Drive bike pump

Great build quality and the digital display is fantastic, but it does come at a price

With a striking black and white colour scheme, Lezyne’s Steel Digital Drive is a classy looking addition to your home workshop. The body is machined steel, the base aluminium and the handle varnished wood, which gives it a really nice feel.

The main selling point, as the name suggests, is the digital display. There are a couple of advantages that come with this: the first one being that you can switch between psi and bar measurements; the second that the display gives a far clearer reading than your standard gauge, so if you want exactly 94psi then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

It’s capable of delivering 160psi total, which is more than adequate for the vast majority of inflation needs. The aluminium head locks into place over the valve using a lever action, which was stiff to begin with but should ease up with time and use.

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