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Reviews Review: POC Tempor TT bike helmet

Review: POC Tempor TT bike helmet

Innovative aero thinking but pricey and painful to remove

First seen on the heads of Swedish riders in the London 2012 time-trial, you’d have to be a brave rider to wear the outlandish-looking Tempor, especially if you opted for the bright orange option.

At 497g for the M/L, it’s at the heavy end of the spectrum for aero helmets. We also found the sizing comes up a little on the small side.

The Velcro attachment for the visor is a bit Heath Robinson, with the strips on the helmet tending to come away with it. But once mounted on your head, the Tempor is comfortable, and the cradle offers a good amount of adjustment.

The ventilation is excellent courtesy of the two huge intake vents and, according to POC, reduces air resistance by leading air through the helmet and past the shoulders.

Yet you’d fear T2 as it does give your ears an unavoidable tug when you take it of. The hefty price tag is fairly painful, too.

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