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Reviews Louis Garneau Vorttice

Louis Garneau Vorttice

When it comes to aero bang for your buck, one of the most prudent purchases you can make is an aero helmet.

But sticking an aero lid on won’t instantly make you faster. If you’re not comfortable holding your tuck, tend to bob your head or suffer from overheating on long, hot rides, an aero lid will simply slow you down. That said, if you make sure the first two boxes are ticked, this super new fast helmet from Canadian manufacturer Louis Garneau seems to have the overheating problem beaten.

Two of the biggest aero stumbling blocks for designers are the highest air pressure point at the front of the helmet and incoporating cooling vents. By sitting a massive intake vent smack on the high-pressure point and sending the air through, rather than over the helmet, Louis Garneau have killed two birds with one stone.

This combined with the familiar front dimples and new Vortex Generator, which accelerates the air going over the helmet, has produced impressive wind-tunnel results and the cooling airflow is genuinely second to none. In fact, on a spring test ride performing hard intervals, our tester complained of a cold head!

Comfort and fit were spot on, and the flexible padded earflaps meant there was no trapped-or-folded-ears-in-transition grief. The removable visor was great, totally eliminating steaming eyes on descents and never fogged up.

Contact : www.evanscycles.com

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