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Reviews Limar 737

Limar 737

Limar only design helmets, which should make them experts. The 737 is, however, something of a mixed bag. The 278g helmet’s stiff Super System 2 cradle means initial fit is easy, and the big rubber dial is easy to adjust even in gloves.

Insectophobes will also appreciate the bug mesh behind the front vents, while stubbly chins will welcome the removable beard guard. However, if you’re bald or have a buzz cut, the bare cradle edges are ?highly uncomfortable.

While the 24 vents include large front slots and several exhaust ports, ?the internal channelling is limited so the back of your head gets sweaty pretty quick. And the Coolmax pads tend to store, rather than vent, sweat.

The sculpted shape looks classy and there’s a clip-on visor for wet or off-road work. The drooped beak disturbed the top of our peripheral vision, though, and will affect forward vision ?when you’re in a real head-down aero tuck.

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