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Giro Selector

The Giro Selector is one mean-looking helmet, one that wouldn’t look out of place at a Star Wars convention!

The most innovative feature is an interchangeable lower section. The idea is to increase the aero advantage to a wider range of users by closing the gap between the bottom of the helmet and the top of the rider’s back.

Ultra aggressively positioned flat-back TT specialists would use the 10mm option; while more upright triathletes would use the 45mm. With a wind-tunnel proven fully enclosed tail there’s no room for a fial adjustment cradle, so Giro have opted for a transitio-friendly leaf spring system with three fore-aft positions offering 6cm of adjustment.

The four small vents minimise fogging, but, being aligned to the helmet’s internal air channels, are only a token nod to ventilation.

On test, out tester hit his weekly 10-mile TT, and promptly destroyed his PB. The ear/cheek pieces and visor closely profiled our tester’s face, and the overall fit was comfortable and secure. But it was a muggy evening and, after an all-out 20min effort, the minimal ventilation was only just adequate.

Over longer rides, or in hot conditions, the aero gains are outweighed by overheating. Fine for our duathlon campaign, then, but don’t expect to see many at Kona or when the sun shines in the UK.

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