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Endura FS260-PRO helmet review

Looking for a lid that won't break the bank? Matt Baird tests Endura's best sub-£100 helmet for training and racing...

At 227g, the Endura FS260-PRO’s weight is the leanest here, and it shows. The internal netting prevents detritus venturing into the front of the helmet (our pick for gravel riding) and didn’t seem to have a negative impact on ventilation, as the airflow felt top class via the 14 sizeable channels.

The internal and antibacterial padding is thick where you need it and minimal when you don’t. Despite Endura’s aerodynamic heritage, they make no claims of drag reduction on the FS260 and there’s no sign of aero trickery on the rear.

MIPS is absent but the FS260-PRO is covered by Endura’s crash replacement policy and product guarantee, while the retention system is effective, durable and easily adjusted with one hand.

Verdict: Versatile and durable, comfy and light. A corker!

Score: 89%

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Matt is a regular contributor to 220 Triathlon, having joined the magazine in 2008. He’s raced everything from super-sprint to Ironman, duathlons and off-road triathlons, and can regularly be seen on the roads and trails around Bristol. Matt is the author of Triathlon! from Aurum Press and is now the editor of Cycling Plus magazine.