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Reviews Ekoi Diablo

Ekoi Diablo

There’s a strange irony to naming a piece of safety equipment after the most dangerous person in Christendom. Then again, the Diablo does share one characteristic with its namesake – deceptiveness.

It looks and feels like a lid with a three-figure price tag, but in fact costs a very competitive £75. You may not get a carbon skeleton (the deception continues on the outer shell with a carbon-effect pattern) but you do get an aggressively styled, heavily vented lightweight (241g) helmet.

All those vents keep a decent breeze blowing over your bonce on hot days, and some of the plushest interior padding helps the fit remain comfortable while being close. Retaining straps, adjusted by a dial on the back, also help ensure it remains securely on your head.

The only minor gripe is the shell. It’s a little poorly finished in places, especially around the edges, which proves the devil truly is in the detail.

Contact : www.multisportsdistribution.co.uk

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