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Reviews Vision Metron 55 Clincher review

Vision Metron 55 Clincher review

Vision Metron 55 Clincher tested and rated by our expert reviewer

Vision Metron 55 Clincher review

Vision Metron 55 Clincher review

Despite a hiccup when our test pair arrived with the rear wheel slightly unevenly tensioned, we’ve been nothing but impressed with Vision’s Metron 55s.

Weight-wise they’re competitive, coming in at just over 1,700g for the pair, and they roll superbly, feeling like wheels far deeper than their 55mm sections.

When you’re up to speed they shine; you can really feel the advantages over a set of shallow-rimmed wheels.

Vision’s also joined the wide rims bandwagon, the Metrons 25mm wide at the brake track and feeling pretty chunky as a result.

Braking is slick and consistent with the supplied SwissStop black pads and remains precise in all but the wettest conditions.

We were also extremely impressed with their consistent performance in cross- and high wind conditions, with no heart-stopping moments or unpredictable behaviour.

A very versatile set of wheels that do the job well under both tri and road bikes.

Verdict: Seriously fast set of wheels. Shame about tensioning issues.

Contact : www.visiontechusa.com

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Mike Anderson was 220 Triathlon's staff writer between 2011 and 2014.

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