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Reviews Easton EA90 RT

Easton EA90 RT

Ride well, but not as fast as deeper rims. Tubeless tech can exasperate, too...

At first glance, Easton’s EA90 RT wheelset looks pretty run of the mill. With a fairly standard rim depth of 24.5mm, 20 round radially laced spokes on the front wheel and 24 round spokes on the back, they hardly inspire.

But what’s different about these wheels is that they don’t need inner tubes. ‘RT’ stands for Road Tubeless and means you have the convenience of clinchers with the greater feel and puncture resistance of tubular tyres. Rather than squeezing a tube under the tyre, with these the tyre holds the air, which stays put thanks to special rim tape, specially designed sidewalls, an airtight seal around the valve hole and special tyres that fit like clinchers but can be fiddlier.

In use, the 1,660g EA90 wheels accelerate easily and brake well. They feel sturdy but are supple enough not to feel harsh. They offer a solid enough ride but without that feeling of prolonged momentum deeper wheels provide.

Contact : www.extrauk.co.uk

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