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Reviews Speedplay Zero Advanced CSC Stainless

Speedplay Zero Advanced CSC Stainless

Spending a bit more on Speedplay than you would on its Light Action Cro Mo pedals gets you these slightly lighter 324g stainless-axled versions, but otherwise it’s the same inverted pedal pros and cons.

The Zero cleats adjust unsprung float anywhere between 0° and 15° and, once learned, double-sided entry means no flip or tip tricks to engage. The super low profile is as close as you’ll get to gluing the axle to your foot, with an outstandingly confident and connected feel underfoot.

If you’re used to toe-in engagement, the step-on technique takes some getting used to, but it won’t take too long to learn. These red versions are CSC team specials, but you can get them in black, white, blue, yellow, pink and silver, as well as 164g (pedal only) ti axle versions for £199.99 or cro-mo for £99.99.

The pedals do scuff very quickly, though, and long-term feedback is that you need to keep the cleats scrupulously clean to maintain consistent performance. Walking performance is also very wobbly and slippery.

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