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Reviews Selle San Marco Aspide Racing Triathlon saddle review

Selle San Marco Aspide Racing Triathlon saddle review

Decent, traditional-looking tri perch with a few quirks

When it comes to saddles, ‘tri-specific’ increasingly seems to mean sawn-off, split-nosed perches. But while manufacturers are prepared to fiddle with their tri saddles’ front ends, few seem willing to make them anything but flat along their length.

Not Selle San Marco, though. The Italian company’s 192g Aspide tri saddle runs in a wave from its tip to its tail. Aside from the graphics and an extra £10 on the price, little appears to have changed since the Aspide’s last incarnation.

It remains a well-cushioned yet firm saddle with a narrow nose. The nose is by no means uncomfortable, but it’s so narrow that rather than being centred on it you always feel as though you’re sat to one side.

The raised rear gives you a bit of extra oomph for seated climbing, but a grippier surface would prevent you from sliding down the middle.

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