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Reviews Gore Ride-On: Professional System

Gore Ride-On: Professional System

With most of the SRAM-sponsored teams in the pro peloton running these derailleur cables, it’s a sure bet they offer pretty snappy performance. I’m a convert to the sealed versions on my mountain bike and cyclocross steeds, and immediately noticed improved shifting, increased resilience to mud and crud, and prolonged durability.

This latest incarnation is specifically designed with road riding in mind. Although not completely sealed, the newly-designed, extra-long nose ferrules and grubs seal the cable where it’s normally exposed and significantly reduce the amount of dirt getting in.

Fitting’s easier than with the completely sealed units and, because they’re designed with a road bike in mind, you won’t come up short.

Changing from the standard factory cables (Shimano Ultegra groupset), my shifting experience was instantly enhanced: shifting required less effort and was precise. Some may grumble about the price, but why skimp on £20 that’ll definitely improve a key aspect of your bike’s performance?

Contact : Gore 01506 460123 www.rideoncables.com

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