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Reviews Sidi T3

Sidi T3

Could be a great shoe but has too many faults that need ironing out

Making some of the best cycling shoes on the market, Sidi’s take on a triathlon shoe should be strong contender. At 303g for a UK 9.5 they’re a decent weight and as a pure cycling shoe they perform well.

The carbon sole has the perfect degree of stiffness and the inner is easily soft enough for sock-free riding. The fit is a little narrow but the lower strap does allow for a fair amount of adjustment. Irritatingly, the main strap did occasionally flick the crank arm, a common problem with in-to-out straps but one that isn’t necessary.

Drainage and ventilation aren’t quite up to scratch and there are no drainage holes in the sole. Coming into transition, the main strap is plenty big enough to grab but the heel loop is a little on the small side. The chunky replaceable heel bumper is a redeeming touch, but doesn’t quite make up for the other faults.

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Mike Anderson was 220 Triathlon's staff writer between 2011 and 2014.

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