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Reviews Scott Road Premium bike shoes

Scott Road Premium bike shoes

Superbly comfortable and adjustable, top-end road shoes

There are lighter shoes available for this price, with the Road Premiums in a UK size 10.5 weighing in at 346g, compared to others dipping well below the 300g mark (see issue 293’s grouptest for more). But weight isn’t everything, and will always be trumped by comfort and power transfer on long rides.

On the first count, with dual-zone BOA L5 lacing, adjustability is fantastic, while the ability to tweak fit on the fly is top notch. The inners are soft and you can adjust the Ergologic insole to vary the amount of support for your arches and metatarsals.

During the winter we also test shoes in a velodrome, because the high power and intense environment of the track will show up any flaws – the Scotts passed with flying colours. Over the course of a 2hr training session, they delivered superb power transfer and didn’t develop any hot spots. The only criticism is that they vent so well our toes got chilly indoors!

Contact : www.scott-sports.com

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