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Reviews Exustar E-SR442

Exustar E-SR442

A bit flexy, but versatile. Not a bad budget option...

If you’re used to riding with flat pedals and running shoes, these entry-level shoes from Exustar will feel infinitely stiffer and more efficient. However, there’s no doubting that, compared to carbon, their nylon-fibreglass soles are noticeably more flexible.

For novice riders, those on a budget or anyone buying them as a pair of training shoes, they’ve a lot going for them. At 349g (for size 45), they aren’t the heaviest on test, they look okay and they deliver a decent-enough ride. Fit is comfortable and, coming up fairly generous, would suit wider feet.

The three velcro strap closure system does lack some of the security of a ratchet system, but it isn’t bad – and, if you’re going to use these on race day, will save you a couple of seconds in transition. They vent and breathe well, and they boast really impressive drainage.

Contact : www.rsi-cycles.com

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