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Reviews Solo Equipe

Solo Equipe

For the purists out there, dedicated to the essence of cycling, a product like this is a real statement.

The simple, no-nonsense application of luxurious materials in a classic cut and retro style is a two-fingered salute to our obsession with synthetic engineering.

With a large dollop of Merino wool, this jacket can take on all comers in terms of maintaining warmth and managing sweat or light rain. It won’t keep you dry in a downpour but, to be honest, you’ll probably keep this for peacocking purposes on those crisp, sunny days when everyone’s out on the roads.

In fact, just wearing this jersey is such a pleasant experience that you might wish to avoid doing anything more active than sashaying along the high street. There are even two button-fastened rear pockets to keep your Gucci wallet, iPhone and Prada sunglasses safe.

Contact : www.solocc.com

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Matt is a regular contributor to 220 Triathlon, having joined the magazine in 2008. He’s raced everything from super-sprint to Ironman, duathlons and off-road triathlons, and can regularly be seen on the roads and trails around Bristol. Matt is the author of Triathlon! from Aurum Press and is now the editor of Cycling Plus magazine.

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