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Reviews Review: Zipp Vuka Stealth aerobars

Review: Zipp Vuka Stealth aerobars

Expensive, but supremely adjustable, cockpit with bullhorns that sit perfectly in your hands

Zipp Vuka Stealth aerobars

There’s a good reason why the Zipp Vuka Stealth is among the heaviest (837g) and most expensive aerobars out there: it features an integrated stem, adding grams to the weight and pounds to the price.

What you get for that is a full-carbon integrated stem and base bar with various risers, a dedicated computer mount and a T25 Torx key (it uses star-headed Torx bolts not Allen bolts). What you don’t get are the extensions, which are sold separately for another £100.

But that convoluted purchasing process buys you one of the most adjustable aerobar set-ups around. It also has a beautifully shaped base bar with flat, bulbous bullhorns that sit perfectly in the palms of your hands.

The only niggle is that if you use the bullhorns with the armrests at their widest setting you can’t help but bash your wrists.

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