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Reviews Review: Enve SES Aerobar

Review: Enve SES Aerobar

Class-leading aerobars – so good the price seems almost reasonable

Enve SES Aerobar

The Enve SES aerobar leads its rivals in most areas: at 782g it’s among the lightest integrated set-ups going, but unsurprisingly is among the most expensive, too. With extensions that can be mounted above or below the base bar, it offers a very wide range of positions.

It also has the largest amount of excess tubing you’re ever likely to find on extensions, but with good reason: the shape, length and trimming options mean the bars can be not only cut to your preferred length but also your preferred shape – either S- or (stepped) J-bend.

With so much adjustability, finding a comfortable position takes patience as you inevitably feel that one more tweak will improve things even more. But the end result is a cockpit that could only be more tailored if it were custom made. The only gripe is that the curve on the armrests is too shallow to provide much hold.

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