What should I do once I have crossed the finish line?

You’ve just crossed the finish line in glory and are ready to collapse in a heap. But don’t forget that there are still a few practicalities to consider when you’ve finally completed all three disciplines. Here are the key steps to follow…


Clear the finish line


Move out of the way of the finish line as quickly as you can. Other competitors will most likely still be coming through, so try not to get in their way.

Warm up – and down

Don’t scramble to get your results. It’s more important to pull on warm clothing and warm down, as that will help minimise the pain in your legs the following day.

Revel in it

Enjoy the feeling of completing a triathlon. You did it! You’re part of the triathlon family, and that’s something
to be proud of. Don’t forget to thank all family, friends and supporters after the race.

Rest and relax

Make sure you have arrangements in place for getting home – ideally get someone else to drive so that you can relax and have a power nap. Don’t switch off completely, though. Give your mind and body a rest on the day after your event, but some light, easy, active recovery like gentle swimming will help alleviate soreness.

Don’t sweat it

Have a good meal, put your feet up and don’t analyse the race immediately. When you do work out what you did well and where you went wrong, remember: no matter how badly you think you’ve done, there are always positives.


Nourish yourself

Resume normal eating patterns and eat real food to give your body the nutrients it needs. And maybe treat yourself to a massage a few days later.