Free 6-month Olympic-distance training plan for beginners

Get set for your first-ever 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run with this six-month, beginner-friendly training plan…

Beginners' triathlon training plan

Planning your first Olympic-distance triathlon this season? Then look no further for your essential guide to training plus a free six-month beginners’ training plan.

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What distance is an Olympic-distance triathlon?

An Olympic-distance triathlon is a 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run. It’s also known as a ‘standard’ triathlon distance.

Who is an Olympic-distance triathlon suitable for, and what level of fitness/ability will you need?

This race will take the world’s fastest about 1:45hrs and can take others up to 3.5hrs. For those wanting to compete, this is a tough event with a narrow margin for error to avoid blowing up. It requires a focussed amount of training and work at transitions.

For those looking to collect a finisher’s medal, you should still commit more prep time than for a shorter tri. On their own, each discipline is sizeable and so will require specific training. It’s wise to ‘test race’ each discipline with swim events, time trials and 10ks available.

What kit will you need and how much will it cost?

You can still complete this race using your basic triathlon kit – goggles, bike, helmet and trainers. However, with a longer swim and more time overall racing, you may want to invest in a more technical wetsuit and tri-suit.

Both the wetsuit and the bike could be expensive, but they will be wise investments if you want to do more triathlons, and there’s usually a good second-hand market. You may also choose to upgrade your bike.

As for nutrition, you should take on fluids and energy on the bike and some energy on the first half of the run, too. Those racing for longer will need to think about fuelling more in the second two disciplines.

Top Olympic-distance tip

You’re likely to do multiple sessions in the day. This is noteworthy if you come from other sports or general fitness and won’t have done this before.

Therefore, you must consider being more organised with your time and ensure you fuel yourself for breakfast and a full day of training.

Olympic-distance triathlon training plan

All sessions are designed with a newbie in mind, so they’re based around developing aerobic endurance. This is the keystone to tri success and there’s no need for speed work at this stage.

The plan also helps build confidence to help keep you exercising for longer periods. Follow the training plan for the next 24 weeks and reach your first finish line with pride.

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