Free 6 month short-course triathlon training plan for sprint and standard distances

This short course triathlon training plan is for athletes planning to do a sprint or standard distance triathlon and training around four times a week, between four to seven hours.

Short-distance triathlon training plan

The short-course plan begins after a solid winter of base training efforts (this follows Dermott’s six month magazine series), time trials and bricks. 


Monday is a rest day but obviously adapt these to your own training schedule. And if you miss a session, then don’t panic. 

For warm-ups and cool-downs, we suggest the following but adapt to your own preferences.


5-8mins gradually building from PE5-8 with a couple of 20-30secs intensive bursts included


3-5mins easy @ PE5 & stretching routine

RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion


MS = Main Set. PB = Pull Buoy