Free 6-month Olympic-distance triathlon training plan for intermediate athletes

This six month standard-distance triathlon training plan is for athletes planning to do a standard-distance triathlon and training around four times a week, between seven to eight hours.

Free 6 month Olympic distance triathlon training plan

This free downloadable 6 month Olympic distance triathlon training plan is intended for individuals training around four times a week for approx 7-8hrs. It’s aimed at athletes who’d place themselves at an intermediate level in triathlon experience and ability and want a longer-term plan to build towards an Olympic-distance triathlon.


We’ve incorporated options for beginner and advanced athletes to use it too and tweak it to their needs, whether that’s sprint, Olympic or longer-course racing. 

It’s advised to have recovery days in between the scheduled sessions and, if you already play other sports or weight train, then try to blend the triathlon training into your existing schedule. It’s a good idea to try to vary the routes where you do longer and steadier bike and run sessions. Remember to always take fluids with you during training to rehydrate, and include a cool-down after training sessions with some static stretching. 


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