Dave Scott’s strength and conditioning training plan for triathletes

Designed to fit around a busy schedule with minimal equipment, these exercises come highly recommended by the most successful Ironman athlete ever

(Images: Simon Mackney / Dave Tyrell)

Want to improve technique, especially in the run? Then it’s essential to find time for a simple strength and conditioning training programme…


“If you look at data,” says Scott, “one of the first things that’s lost as we age in our 30s is lean muscle mass. And if you lose muscle mass, you lose the ability to be mechanically efficient.

“So if you start thinking about doing an Ironman race in your late 30s, or in your 40s, you don’t want to sacrifice your strength, stretching and injury-prevention programme. That is a prerequisite. So for people who are first starting, they should weave that in at least twice a week.”

You can find plenty more information, training plans and instructional videos at www.davescottinc.com, but below are a quick series of movements that will get you started. These will teach you to engage your transverse abdominus and fire your glutes – two of the key things that Dave Scott recommends to help your performance in all three disciplines.

He advises working on strength and conditioning at least twice a week, for 20-24mins per session. All of the exercises described here can be done at home, with minimal equipment making them easy to fit around a busy schedule.

Dave Scott is the first 6x IRONMAN World Champion and a Master Coach of IRONMAN U.  As the founder of the Dave Scott Multisport Institute, he dedicates himself to making triathletes of all levels faster and more efficient. Learn more at www.davescottinc.com


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