Sub-1hr run session: Hill circuit

This advanced-level workout packs a hefty punch and fits neatly into your lunch hour

Sub-1hr run session: Hill circuit

Want to get a great all-over body workout into your lunch break that also packs a decent cardiovascular punch? Try this one for advanced athletes…


A couple of tips – be organised and take your kit into the office. See if you can recruit a few mates – these types of workout are always more fun, and you’ll push a bit harder, in a group.

For this session you’ll need: a grassy knoll, run shoes, and gloves if the ground’s chilly.

Hill circuit


10mins easy running.

Main session

Two to three sets of the following sequence:

– 10 x sprint reps; jog-down recovery
– 5 x walking lunge reps; jog-down
– 10 x press-ups (feet uphill)
– 5 x skipping reps; jog-down
– 20 x crunches (feet uphill)
– 5 x frog jump reps; jog-down
– 60sec plank
– 5 x left leg hopping reps; jog-down
– 5 x right leg hopping reps; jog-down
– 2mins easy jogging


10mins easy running.

Main benefits

Performance benefits

All-over body conditioning, strength, power and, because heart rate will remain high throughout, a decent cardiovascular hit too.

Mental benefits

This is an ideal lunchtime workout. Many urban parks have a suitable bank, and the combination of a dose of daylight and high-intensity exercise is a proven winter mood-enhancer.

Physiological benefits

The lunges, hops, skips and bounds will all challenge your running muscles beyond their normal range and build explosive strength.

Working on a soft surface is kinder to your body and will enhance balance and stability. Finally, you’ll also get some upper-body and core work thrown into the bargain.

Adapt for Ironman

Explosive power isn’t a priority for long-course athletes, but the dynamic stretching these movements involve can help undo the damage of mile upon mile of ‘Iron shuffling’.

Try working a few of the exercises into long runs if you come across a suitable slope.

(Images: Ben Winston)


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