Vegan breakfast: Chai chia pudding recipe

This easy to make, vegan, chai chia pudding is delicious and highly nutritious to boot, rich in omega 3 and fibre, as well as protein, vitamins and minerals. Perfect for breakfast, you can prepare this dish the night before, and even pop it into a Tupperware to transport to work if you like.

Credit: Steve Seyers

Prep: 5mins + overnight to infuse


Cook: no cook

Serves: 1

Ingredients: 200g unsweetened, non-dairy yoghurt (I like coconut or almond) • 2 tbsps chia seeds • 1cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated • Pinch each ground cinnamon, ground cardamom, ground cloves • ½ apple, cored and cubed • ½ pear, cored and cubed • A few pomegranate seeds • Maple syrup to serve


1. Combine the yoghurt with the chia seeds, fresh ginger and spices. Cover and leave overnight in the fridge to infuse.


2. In the morning, simply add the fruit, a little sweetness and serve.