Ad feature: How to create your own no-fuss protein frappé

Put fuel back in your tank after a workout with this energy-boosting protein hit

Making a protein frappé

Did you know that coffee, in addition to being many people’s favourite vice, actually has some great benefits for health and exercise too?


Not only does it lower the risk of cardiovascular disease (1), it’s also been proven to boost endurance (2) – which is excellent news if you’re busy training for a triathlon like Pact’s head of coffee, Will.

Will’s always looking for that great coffee taste, which is why he devised a no-fuss protein frappe. Guaranteed to put some fuel back in your tank after a workout, this energy-boosting protein hit will give you the get-up-and-go you need to train.


– Protein powder (your regular dose. We used chocolate flavour but any flavour will do)
– Four ice cubes
– 440ml milk (or the recommended dose for your protein powder)
– Double espresso (or a strong shot in any brew type) 


1) Mix the protein powder and milk as normal.
2) Allow to sit for 5 minutes to fully dissolve, before adding the ice and double espresso to the shaker.
3) Shake the mixture vigorously until the protein frappe is thick and foamy.

TIP: Decant mixture into a glass when possible to stop the ice from melting into the frappe and watering it down too much.

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1 Ref: J Epidemiol Community Health 2011
2 Ref: International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 2013