5 tasty chicken dishes for post-workout fuelling

Quick and easy to prepare, these dishes are great for boosting protein intake


There are many different sources of protein, but chicken is often recognised as a particularly good one. Chicken provides athletes with all-important proteins that are vital for muscle growth, along with high levels of B vitamins and minerals for energy production.


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Here, we’ve brought together five of our favourite winter-warmer chicken dishes to boost your protein intake as we head towards the winter months.

1. Warm chicken salad

Light and easy to digest, this flavoursome salad will help to sustain energy levels, muscle health and the immune system. It’s a great source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals; ideal for a pre-workout nutritional boost. The pearl barley is an excellent slow-release carbohydrate and makes a tasty alternative to rice or couscous.

Warm chicken salad


2. Coriander chicken curry

This chicken curry is low-fat, well-balanced and packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Plus, the ginger, chilli and garlic are great anti-inflammatories. Combine with basmati and wild rice for slow-release carbs to sustain you through training.

Coriander chicken curry


3. Chicken and veg with pepper dressing 

Another high-protein dish that works well as a slow-energy release lunch or post-workout meal. Spinach and broccoli are fantastic sources of vitamins and minerals, making them brilliant additions to an athlete’s diet.

Chicken and veg with pepper dressing


4. Chilli chocolate chicken with quinoa

Spice up your evening meal with a flavoursome chilli-chocolate dish. This is a great recipe to use as those chilly winter nights approach. Quinoa is a great accompaniment, with a high quantity of calcium and magnesium and twice the protein content of rice or barley.

Chilli chocolate chicken with quinoa


5. Pad Thai noodles

Add chicken to this delicious noodle dish for a high-protein meal that’s great for keeping the immune system in top form. This dish is also packed with plenty of anti-inflammatories to protect muscles and slow-release carbs for sustained energy.


Pad Thai noodles