Going Long: Training Zones

In January's issue of 220, we promised you that we'd put Joe Friel's training zones online to compliment his 'Going Long' piece in the magazine. Well here they are...

In January’s issue of 220, Joe Friel’s ‘Going Long’ directed you to this website if you wanted more information on heart rate and functional threshold power/pace zones that Joe mentioned in his article, and here they are…
To find your heart rate (HR) and power zones for either cycling or running, do a 30min time trial at race pace. Go as hard as you can for 30mins, click the lap button on your heart rate monitor after 10mins, and the average HR for the final 20mins is your lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR). For power zones (cycling), do the same test, but take the average power for the whole 30mins as approximate functional threshold power (FTP). Pace zones (running) is the same again but average 30min pace is your functional threshold pace (FTPa). Once you know these, you can use the following zones when training:
HR Zones (run %/bike %)
Zone 1  <85% LTHR/<81% LTHR
Zone 2  85-89%/81-89%
Zone 3  90-94%/90-93%
Zone 4  95%-99%/94%-99%
Zone 5a  100-102%
Zone 5b  103-106%
Zone 5c  >106%
FTP Zones
Zone 1  <55% FTP
Zone 2  55-74%
Zone 3  75-89%
Zone 4  90-104%
Zone 5  105-120%
Zone 6  >120%
FTPa Zones
Zone 1  Slower than129% FTPa
Zone 2  114-129%
Zone 3  106-113%
Zone 4  99-105%
Zone 5a  97-100%
Zone 5b  90-96%
Zone 5c  Faster than 90%