Ironman pro David McNamee answers your questions

2015 victor at Ironman UK and Britain’s top finisher at the 2015 Ironman Worlds David McNamee takes your questions


Just how awesome is [2015 World Ironman Champ] Jan Frodeno? (Paul Bailey, VIA EMAIL)


Jan was dominant all day. If he’d needed to find another gear he could have. It was an exhibition. Personally, I feel he’s up there with the best guys our sport has seen. But what Javier [Gomez] has done over the last decade stands him apart from the rest.

What was your post-Kona blowout meal? (Andy Shaunfield, VIA EMAIL)

I was dull and had a plain pizza as my stomach is never great after racing. It was followed with some cocktails and something called a ‘fire ball’!

What do you do now, training-wise, to get into the top 10 at Kona 2016? (Jake Manson, VIA EMAIL)

I need to improve my biking, and fully adapt to the time-trial bike. It’s something I’m moving forward with but I haven’t adapted to the riding style as quickly as I’d hoped. I need to strengthen my body to be able to stay in the correct position, delivering power for the entire 180km. That means a lot of long rides over the winter on the TT bike where I try and lift the power over the final two hours.

How have you managed financially since leaving the ITU scene? (Peter Bloomen, VIA EMAIL)

Financially, this year has been a disaster, mainly due to the amount of equipment I ended up buying. But I prefer to see it as an ‘investment’ year. I think you’re only a pro athlete when you make a living from the sport. This year, I’d say I was an enthusiastic hobbyist.

What’s your favourite off-season session? (Tracey Dickens, VIA EMAIL)

Switching off the GPS and just going for a long run on some trails. In the build-up to Kona my long run was always done to a certain pace, which I found was a very effective session but I missed the freedom you get from just exploring at whatever pace your legs feel like.

Where are you based for training? Who do you train with? (Lorna McLoughlin, VIA EMAIL)

I’ve recently relocated to Spain to try and cut down on travelling. I was based in Stirling at the Scottish Performance Centre, where Fraser Cartmell was kind enough to impart his wisdom as I’ve moved up the distances. His help has allowed me to speed up my progress and learn how to deliver in Ironman races. I’ve also been working with Joel Filliol and his group. Training with [ITU pros] Mario Mola and Sarah True has shown me the importance of being consistently good each day and leaving the stand-out performances for race day.

How do you choose which races to do? (Alec Benson, VIA EMAIL)

The big aim is Kona but I want to challenge for other Ironman wins. Right now I’m thinking Lanzarote – it’s a race that excites me and that’s my main determinant for selecting race


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