Air Relax recovery system review

Want to improve your recovery after hard training sessions? Helen Webster reviews this top-end recovery system used by professional triathletes

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Credit: The Secret Studio

We get some weird and wonderful products at 220. But sometimes the weirdest turn out to be some of the best.


The Air Relax system is best described as two long boots or ‘leg cuffs’ that you pull on and then secure using zips and Velcro. They then attach to a power unit, which inflates and deflates them, thereby using dynamic compression to ease tired legs post-training. Admittedly, it’s strange to get used to and, with four pressure settings as well as three different types of ‘massage’ settings, these can pack a serious compressive punch.

There are four chambers in the boots (foot, calf, knee and thigh) and you can choose whether to have each compressed in turn, or to have all four chambers slowly inflate and compress and then deflate together. The effect is like having a strong but even sports massage each time you use them, with a session lasting 15mins. The result? After runs up to 10km and tough turbo sessions we found them a treat for tired legs and our limbs bounced back quicker, feeling fresher both straight after use and the next day.

So, are they worth the spend? Yes, they’re not cheap but given the amount we spend on tri kit, races, coaching and physio in a year, the benefit of fresher legs each session can’t be underestimated. Yet there are some health recommendations, so make sure you check before you buy. 

Verdict: an addictive recovery tool that helps tired legs 90%

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