What is Everesting and how do you do it?

Can you ascend 8,848m in one go, whether on your feet or a bike? Welcome to the challenge of Everesting. Niamh Lewis explains all you need to know

What is Everesting and how do you do it

What is Everesting?

Everesting is when cyclists and runners try to attain the elevation of the world’s highest mountain in one lung-busting activity. Basically it involves finding the biggest hill near you, pedalling up it and back down again, then repeating until you’ve climbed the ascent of the highest mountain in the world at 8,848m.


Those who’ve done it recommend getting yourself a support crew and plenty of energy. The steeper the hill, the shorter the reps, so choose carefully!

So, do you like the idea and want a place in the Everesting hall of fame? The golden rule is that it must be done in one attempt, so no sleeping in between! It doesn’t matter how long the ride takes, whether it’s 11 hours, or 18 hours, or how many attempts you make; as long as you cycle the whole 8,848m at once, your name will be in the hall of fame.

To prove you have done it you must record it on a GPS device and upload it somewhere for people to see. Many use Strava, and hope for a KOM/ QOM (King of the Mountain/ Queen of the Mountain) out of pity for cycling up it so many times, or if you are lucky enough you may already be the King or Queen. Using a GPS device may pose some difficulties if you take longer than you think, so make sure your cycle computer or watch is fully charged!

The website showcases many attempts across the world, with less than 10 completed in the UK. So come on Brits, find a hill (we have many!) and get yourself in the hall of fame.


Can you do Everesting online virtually?

Yes you can! Simply use Zwift or RGT to ride repeats of a climb in a single activity until you ascend that all important elevation of8,848m – the height of Mt Everest’s summit