Turbo Power: Part Three

Part three of our turbo sessions masterclass contains a sweet-spot workout, as well as favourites from Tim Don and Lucy Gossage...


Issue ID: January 2013


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Session seven: Sweet-spot workout
If you’ve got access to a power meter and know your FTP, minute-for-minute, training in the so-called ‘sweet-spot’ just below threshold is one of the most effective all-round sessions you can do.

Warm-up: 10mins easy spinning.

Main set: 5 x 1min fast pedals over 110rpm at low resistance with 1min recoveries. Followed by 3 x 15mins at 88-93% of FTP, right in your sweet-spot. Rest for 5mins easy between each.

Cool-down: 10mins easy spinning.

Lucy Gossage’s session
“This 90min hill rep session was a ‘Coach Chris Special’ and became one of my favourite sesions in the run-up to Zofingen,” explains Lucy. “The short blocksof work make it easy to focus, the big gears means it’s easy to work hard, and the stoping and starting means you have to accelerate every 30secs.”

Warm-up: 10mins easy spin. Then 6mins as 20secs fast spin – cadence as high as possible in a very easy gear; 40secs recovery; 6mins as 30secs hard, with cadence around 90rpm; 30secs recovery. Finish with 3mins easy spin.

Main set: 3 x 15mins as 30 x (20secs big gear, low cadence; 10secs recovery). Divide each 15min block into 5mins seated on hoods, 5mins seated on tri bars, 5mins standing. 5mins spin between each 15min rep.

Cool-down: 10mins easy spin.

Lucy’s Top 5 Playlist
Infinity – Guru Josh Project
Chicane – Poppihalia
Mr Brightside – The Killers
Time of my life – Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
Erase/Replace – Foo Fighters

Tim Don’s session
“I love this session because it’s over in an hour and a half and you know that you have done a quality workout,” says Tim. “With the different intensities, you have to stay focused on the job in hand to extract the most from the session.”

Warm-up: 15mins easy spinning.

Main set: 5 x 30secs tempo with 30secs easy, relatively high cadence (I spin at 100-115rpm fpr these).

Then 5mins just below perceived race pace; 2mins easy; 4mins perceived race pace; 2mins easy; 3mins just above perceived race pace; 2mins easy; 2mins hard; 2mins easy; 1min all out!

Take a 10min easy spin, then repeat 5,4,3,2,1 in reverse.

Cool-down: 15mins easy.


Tim’s Top 5 Playlist
Step on – Happy Mondays
Avalon – Professor Green
Sorry for party rocking – LMFAO
Nothing really matters – David Guetta
The one and only – Chesney Hawkes