Turbo Power: Part Four

Here's part four of our turbo masterclass to keep you busy until the weather outside improves...


Issue ID: January 2013


Click if you missed part two or three.

Session 10: 2 x 20
The classic turbo session. Develops ability to hold near-threshold efforts and an excellent test session.

Warm-up: 10mins progressive. Start easy and build so that, by the end, you’re sweating and just a couple of clicks below your effort level.

Main set: 2 x 20mins with 5mins recovery. In race position, ride at your maxiumu sustainable pace/power for 20mins. Spin for 5mins easy and then try to replicate.

Note down distances, average power and average heart rate for comparisons to later sessions.

Cool-down: 5mins easy spinning.

Session 11: Long, steady film ride
Taking some of the monotony out of a long and steady ride indoors with a turbo twist on film-based drinking games.

Warm-up: Easy spinning through the opening credits.

Main set: Have on list of cues for increasing resistance/gear and one for descreasing. Below example works when watching Star Wars:

Increase every time someone says ‘droid’, every time The Force is mentioned, and every time a tie-fighter is blown up.

Decrease every time someone fires up a light sabre, every time any X-Wing fighter is blown up, every time anyone says ‘Kenobi’ and every time R2-D2 or C-3PO get damaged.

Cool-down: Ride at easy intensity through the closing credits or plough on through the whole of the original trilogy if you’re going long this season. But only a tru masochist would try Episodes I-III…

Session 12: Single-leg pedalling drills
This is a technique session to develop a smooth, even pedal stroke. Can be used as an extended warm-up for other sessions or as a recovery workout.

Warm-up: 5mins easy spinning in small chainring and middle sprocket on rear cassette.

Main set: 1min clip out your weaker leg and rest it on a stool. Pedal one-legged, shifting down, if necessary, to maintain 80-100rpm. Focus on the dead spot at the bottom of the pedal stroke, imagining scraping dog muck off your shoe.

1min spin with both legs.

1min Repeat ‘dog muck’ drill with the other leg.

1min spin with both legs.

1min go back to the original leg and this time concentrate on the top of the pedal stroke by throwing the knee over the handlebars and by pushing the toes forward in the shoes.

1min spin with both legs.

1min repeat ‘over the handlebars’ drill with the other leg.

1min spin with both legs

8mins repeat main set


Cool-down: 5mins easy spinning.