Sub-1hr session: Endurance boost

Develop your bike endurance base in order to build speed with this 60min turbo session for intermediate athletes

Triathlete in cycle training

Are you an intermediate-level athlete looking to improve your endurance base on the bike? Try this new 60min turbo session from Emma-Kate Lidbury…

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For this workout you’ll need a turbo trainer, bike, bike shoes, bike kit, water/electrolytes/water bottle, and a power meter/HR monitor (if desired).

This session is a great build into a higher intensity day so could be scheduled the day before a higher intensity ride/run. Try to do it on relatively fresh legs to get the most value from it, so avoid big rides or runs in the days beforehand.


10mins smooth spin, gently building effort and varying cadence.

Main session

3 x 12mins, progressing effort every 4mins as follows: 70%–75%–80%. Do 3mins spin (high cadence) between each 12min interval.


5mins high-cadence spin.

Performance benefits

Building your endurance base is key to success across all distances and it’s crucial to be able to comfortably ‘sit’ at your 75–80% effort. You’ll then have a firm foundation from which to build speed. The bigger the base, the faster the race!

Mental benefits

Having a strong endurance foundation will give you great confidence in your training and racing. Work at staying focused on your technique throughout and keep your pedalling smooth and efficient. This level of concentration is important, especially for middle- and long-distance racing when it’s easy to lose focus.

Physiological benefits

Pushing effort to 80% on each interval will get the most bang for your training buck when it comes to aerobic endurance. Progressing from 70% through to 80% will help boost your aerobic endurance without stressing you too greatly.

Adapt for Ironman

Time permitting, you can increase each interval up to 30mins per rep and progress effort every 10mins. Build up gradually each week.

(Main image: Jonny Gawler)

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